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Happy Tails - PK Success Stories

Congratulations to the thousands of animals that have been adopted into their forever homes! These pages consist of animals that have been adopted and their new families have sent us their "success story!" You can click on a photo to see it larger.

If you have adopted a pet from us, click here to email us with your story and pictures! The staff and volunteers love to hear how the animals are doing in their new home!

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I had adopted formally known as Liza  now renamed to Maisey in June 2015. She has been such a great addition to our family. Her and my other cat love to play and chase each other around and when they get tired they love to cuddle and sleep near each other. Maisey is one wild little crazy girl but we love her with all our heart and wouldn't trade her in for the world. She is very vocal and loves to cuddle with her momma as well. She sleeps next to me every night next to my pillow. Thank you for allowing me to adopt this beautiful baby girl! She is very loved in our home. In the picture below is Maisey and her big brother bullet who loves to take good care of her and clean her.
- Megan Hoeksema



At the end of March 2015 we adopted Holly, a yellow Labrador retriever. I saw her picture featured on your facebook page and new immediately that this was my dog. My husband wasn’t sold on the idea of having a pet but my daughters and I got him to go down and look at her. I was so nervous. We met with Holly and all of us knew that she belonged with us. She was well taken care of and had a good temperament. Now she is my shadow, she even comes to work with me every day. She is our office mascot. The adoption process was easy and the fee goes to a great organization. When you walk into the shelter you can feel the energy that the animals are happy. They just need their forever home, like Holly.


-Megan Mullin


Charlie (tater tot) adopted in Sept 2013 as a kitten from a wonderful foster family. He is sassy, friendly and so so loved!


-Katie Stempo


Sam adopted September 2013. He completes our family!


-Katie Stempo


About 9 years ago, my husband and I adopted a 1 year old black and white Shih Tzu from one of your adoption days at a pet store in Whitehall. We named CeeCee. She is one of the highlights of our days. She is a funny, silly girl who is stubborn and crabby when she feels like it and loves to run around our neighborhood when she can sneak out through our legs and go visiting our neighbors who all love her. She even had a job for several months at a pet supply store as the official greeter.


These days her age is showing in her speed but not her spirit. She's never been a cuddler but she loves her pillows and her family and as many pettings as she can get.


I'd call her a success in our lives. Thanks.

-DeeDee Connors


My name is Melissa Kumnick and I wanted to email you to share how thrilled I am with the fact that I was able to adopt Rags who is now known as Tucker, into my family. I drove from CT to PA to adopt him and I could not be happier with my choice to adopt through Peaceable Kingdom. You made it such a wonderful process! Tucker is such a sweet and loving boy who deserved a forever home. He now lives with me and has a goldendoodle sister named Izzy. Thank you for all the work that you do. I have attached his before and after pictures as well as a picture with Izzy!
Melissa Kumnick

Where to start!? I can't believe how well miss Clover has fit right into our family. It's true that the dog picks you! When my husband and I went to PK we were just getting our feet wet with the idea of getting a dog. I was glad that the volunteers on adoption day were readily available for help and gave us good advice. As new dog owners we had the thought of getting a younger dog and I inquired about the chow pups that were available at the time. I was glad that one of the volunteers offered advice on chows and suggested other breeds for our experience level and lifestyle. This is when we were introduced to Clover.

From the start she smushed her little face right through the bars of the cage - anything for some love! We took her into a large cage and she immediately cuddled up to us. Even though we were "just looking" at the time I knew she was meant to be with us. We filled out the application and the process was great. It's amazing what all these volunteers do for these animals. We were able to ask Clover's foster family questions about what she ate, her routines, and her personality; this helped us greatly in the first few weeks of having her home.

I can't imagine how much time, money, and love went into rehabilitating Clover after her surgeries. Her foster family who helped her get well did it so selflessly and I'm sure it was very hard to see her go. This experience has actually led me to volunteer at the shelter so I can give to those pets as someone gave to mine!

Clover is now the queen of our house and thriving. She loves her millions of toys and cuddling/sleeping with us on the couch (we had originally planned on no couch that didn't last long!). Her personality matches us so well and we love her so much. In true setter fashion she loves being outdoors and chasing birds and squirrels but is content cuddling up and relaxing inside. I'm so glad we were introduced to her and thought outside the "puppy box" to find love in an older dog who has so much love left to give.

A big thanks for all the work done by PK volunteers, fosters, donators, and everyone - thank you for bringing our best friend to us!!!

Sincerely, Angela Passamonte & Nick Koch

P.S. Check out Clover's hashtag on Instagram! #adventuresofcloverpup


Thank you, Peaceable Kingdom, for all the hard work you do.


About 6 years ago I saw this whirling dervish of a dog posted as available for adoption through Peaceable Kingdom. I loved that the photo showed how happy she was to see whomever was taking the photo – she looked like a 50 lb brown bowling ball of joy. I have had great experiences with pitbull type dogs, and although her history and breeding was unknown, she certainly looked like a mix of a pitbull and/or staffy with ummm, probably at least 5-10 other breeds (smile). I love mutts, and this pup was the mix of the mixes!


When I arrived at PK, I saw that she had these huge dark eyes, and her tail was going a mile a minute when she saw that I had a leash in my hand. I was going to take her for a little stroll, to “see how we got along,” but really, it was a done deal for me right away. I asked the caretaker how she behaved in a car, and we decided to test her in mine. Sadie jumped right in, settled her bum down, faced forwarded. “Guess she’s going to be alright in a car! Let’s go fill out the paperwork.” I gave a little tug on the leash and said, “OK, Come.” Nope – this pup was not leaving my car. She was rooted in there. My Sadie, ever before I had signed the adoption papers. We drove home, and I have been lucky ever since. Sadie is my girl.


Photos attached. The one of her running by my garden was just taken last month. She can still become a whirling dervish – I love her.


-Stephanie Miller


We adopted Ziggy in August 2015. I have never met a smarter dog. He learned sit, high 5 and play dead within days of getting him. Even though he has his wild puppy side he gets along great with the other dogs when we take him to the park. Thank you PK for allowing us to adopt this great pup!


-Roger Kichline & Kathleen Paxson


Mister Barclay is the light of our lives. Adopted July 2014.


-Amanda Coe



I had great success with Sassy (my baby) we adopted her from PK 3 years ago this past June. She was 13 weeks old at the time and her name back then was Ruby. My Sassy has up rooted a boring ordinary household and has made it forever fun and sometimes chaotic. She learned to love her big sister Cheeka (a 14 year old cat). She fell head of heals in love with my husband.


One of the funniest things she does is the neighbor comes to tell us if they are going away for a couple days. She hears only watch the house. She will sit outside at the edge of our adjoining driveways every time she's out and watch their house till they get home. She also thinks wild turkeys are her friends and she now chases the strays off the yard. She use to play with them and kind of adopt them. She is so loved. She steals socks anywhere she can and hides them in her toy box. She could be playing and if you say listen she will perk her ears up and look at the window. Love her to pieces!!


-Tina Wunderler

Paisley and Pablo (Sophia) are the best baby lions ever!

Adopted them June 2014.


-Michelle M. Schellenberg

Paisley & Pablo

Adopted Angela 2001, she was a heart healer for the whole family when we lost our beloved Amber. She is the best girl and she is treated like a Queen!


-Shelly Kilpatrick



I never thought my heartbreak would mend after losing my beloved greyhound, Bob. After many months, I realized that Bob left so as to make room for another puppy that needed us. We adopted Cooper on 2/28/14. Thank you Peaceable Kingdom, for saving our baby for us! He is my heart!!


-Larisa Persiponko Strano


Our family adopted Cali in Sept 2014! She's my little lovey girl, loves to be the center fielder during our wiffle ball games and loves kids!! Best puppy love ever!!


-Kelly Dicks


In June we had to put Maggie, our 11 year old cat to sleep. Our hearts were broken. After a week or two we realized that our house was not the same without her. My husband and I talked about adopting again. We decided not to adopt just one, but two kitties. I talked to Angie, a girl at work who was a foster mom for Peaceable Kingdom and she put me in touch with Becky. Becky told me to go onto their website and look at the kittens that were available. We did and found two female kittens that were not from the same litter. One was Carmen, a calico and the other was Madison, a black kitten. Because of their ages, Madison was the first to come home with us. Within an hour of being in our home, we could tell that she was adapting just fine. A week later we brought Carmen home. Instantly her and Madison were playing and having fun. The rest is history! They play endlessly, groom each other and sleep together.Their personalities are very different. Madison is independent, while Carmen is always looking to be with one of us.These two girls filled the void in our hearts from losing Maggie. They bring us much laughter and are so fun to watch. We love them so much and are so happy they came into our lives.

-LuAnn Williams



I decided I wanted to adopt a rabbit months before I met Rocko, I just never really found the time or the resources to do so. I am a huge advocate for animal rights, and as my awareness grew, so did my want to help animals. In August I began a strict vegan lifestyle. I do not eat animal products, nor do I buy any type of clothing or beauty/hygiene product tested on animals. Finally in September I had the funds to adopt a bunny, I decided it was time to get serious and I began filling out adoption applications for all shelters in the area. 

I contacted my good friend Ally Carl who told me about Rocko and how I should come meet him. A few days after meeting, I adopted him, and we have been inseparable ever since. 

While my family says Rocko has grown very attached to me, I like to say we grew attached to each other. He has brought me so much joy, he gives me a reason to start my day early (usually because he is throwing toys at my closet door). Rocko enjoys running around the second floor of my home, but he tends to spend most of his time in "our" room anyway. He has even grown to love my dog, Cookie and enjoys following her around the house. The highlight of my day is coming home and having him nuzzle my face and lick my forehead. 

I couldn't be happier with my decision to adopt Rocko, and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful services Peaceable Kingdom has provided for him, and all animals like him. I love my fluffy four legged best friend. 


-Jenna Bruder

About a year ago we adopted Bowser, a peke/shih tzu mix. He is such a ball of energy and LOVES toys. His best friend is our 80 pound husky mix, they sleep together, eat together, play together, even SWIM TOGETHER. Bowser loves to play and loves the pool, he’s always jumping in and out of it. Twice a week he gets to go to doggie daycare to see all of his other friends. His favorite toys are long and full of squeaky noises, he has several long squeaky snakes he drags around the house and into the back yard. We are so happy with adopting him, he is such a funny dog and gives us so much happiness!


-Zoe Lennon



Gosh!!! How do I even begin to put into words the little fluff of happiness that entered our lives a little over a year ago. First I would like to Thank you PK for taking in Marley and saving him from the terrible life he was living. You not only sought the best medical care for his fractured leg but you shared your hearts and your time to help him heal and show him that he was loved. The very first time I saw his precious little face on your website I fell in love. I have to laugh a bit because most of the captions on your pics of adoptees give a summary and most end with come and meet me and fall in love.....well I have to say, I always thought it was a bit repetitious but when it actually happened to me.....then I understood that final comment, totally. Because, indeed I fell in love. My best friend has been a loyal volunteer at your shelter for quite a few years now and she always shares stories with me about all of the new residents and how excited she gets when they find a good home. I just knew one day we would adopt another little soul but had no idea when. I also knew I could count on my friend to assist us with the meet and greet when the right time came along.  The right time came along as soon as I saw that unforgettable precious little face. I knew no matter what it took we had to adopt our little Marley...and so we did. We have loved every single minute since he came to his forever home. He leg is totally healed and he is totally enjoying the time he missed in his first year as a pup. He absolutely adores his big brother Norman and Norman adores his little brother Marley. I could go on and on. Every single day of our lives is filled with laughter, cuddles, playtime and walks. The Perfect Life for all of us.


Thank you PK for Everything You Do! Joe and Brooke Dugan....and MARLEY!!!!!

Our family adopted Marshall November 2013. He has been a wonderful addition to our family.


-Michelle Musselman


Blackie adopted Oct, 26, 2013... Thank U Peaceable Kingdom... My new family is awesome!


-Yolanda Valentin



Gracie came into our family in 2009. She is so loved
Thank you PK!


-Melissa Hayden


Lightning 10 years young. Adopted Spring 2006. This photo was taken at Lockridge Park as a fundraiser for PK a few years back.


-Thunder Sweeney

Mr. Baloo became a part of our family in February of this year. We love him so much!!!


-Bien Schwalm


Jessie was adopted from PK and coincidentally a co worker was fostering her Joanne Murphy Endrick - she is 6 now!


-Elizabeth Everett Miller