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You can help us with our much needed  SHELTER RENOVATION

Long-time friends of PK know how far our non-profit rescue has come since its 1998 inception. Over the years we have slowly expanded our footprint, making incremental improvements to the shelter, both inside and out, as funding has allowed. We are immensely proud of the facility we’ve created on very limited funds. However, to continue serving animals in need and provide a resource to our community into the future, our shelter needs a major overhaul.

Our building got its start in the 1950s as Zimmerman’s Market, and later became a pet store before we moved in. We’ve adapted the building to accommodate our clinic; dog, cat, bunny, puppy, and isolation rooms; adoption areas; and laundry and storage. However, having done this piecemeal, the layout is inefficient, placing limitations on the number of animals we can help annually, both in the rescue and clinic. Furthermore, much of the building is original and in need of rehabilitation. We are past due for a change.

New PK.png

PK’s building back when it was Zimmerman’s Market. Photograph taken circa YEAR.

Rendering of PK exterior after renovations are complete

Floor Plan.jpg

To make this happen, PK needs your help! We’ve commissioned architects and a general contractor to help us redesign our facility to support our animals and the community for years to come. Our plans include a completely redesigned veterinary clinic; reconfigured rooms for our animals; improved public adoption areas, including the addition of a kitten adoption room; improved storage and laundry areas; and an exterior facelift (see rendering above). All of this will be delivered in a more efficient layout, maximizing use of the existing footprint, and ensuring the ongoing safety of our animals.


Making this happen will require renovation of the entire building, including replacing outdated systems, walls, and flooring. We have sought cost efficiencies wherever possible, but the bottom line is this: the renovation will be costly. While we have received donations to the building fund from many generous donors over the years, we still need your help to make our plans a reality in 2022!


Please consider donating to PK’s building renovation!

PK is one of the longest running, no-kill animal shelters in the Lehigh Valley. We have helped thousands of animals in need over the years, while also providing low-cost medical services to the community. As a non-profit that receives no government funding, our ability to serve animals in need and the community into the future depends on your generosity. Please consider donating to PK’s shelter revamp today.  

For more information or for sponsorship opportunities please email

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