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Donate to Peaceable Kingdom's Medical Fund

Peaceable Kingdom believes that all animals deserve the chance for a healthy start to their new home.  We accept all animals, including those that have non-routine and often more demanding medical needs. 

The Peaceable Kingdom Medical Fund was designed to cover the cost of medical procedures and recovery beyond those already accounted for as part of the adoption process.  This allows Peaceable Kingdom to rehabilitate animals in more dire medical circumstances that are often not accepted at other shelters.

The Medical Fund allows Peaceable Kingdom to provide the following types of treatments:

  • Non-routine surgeries like ophthalmic surgery, orthopedic surgeries, surgical oncology, gastrointestinal procedures like foreign body removal from the intestinal tract, and many others

  • X-rays and ultrasounds

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Visits to medical specialists

  • Medications

  • And many other types of medical treatments

The Peaceable Kingdom Medical Fund is strictly donation-based, and 100% of every dollar contributed to the Medical Fund is used to cover the medical care and recovery of Peaceable Kingdom animals.  There are many other dogs, cats, kittens, and rabbits, just like Lucy and Charlotte & Fern, that receive treatment to improve and extend their lives solely through the donations to the Peaceable Kingdom Medical Fund.


You can help an animal in need by donating today:


Lucy is an example of a dog accepted by Peaceable Kingdom in need of medical treatment after her previous owner sadly passed away.  She had multiple tumors that required immediate attention and an ophthalmic condition requiring surgery and recovery.  After receiving this extensive treatment, covered by the generous supporters of the Medical Fund, Lucy is well on her way to enjoying the rest of her life with a new family. 


Charlotte and Fern were found outside in a yard with horrible eye infections. When they came to Peaceable Kingdom, they could not see at all. They were sick and scared but sweet as can be. It was uncertain if their eyes could be saved. With a lot of love and weeks of medical care in their foster home their eyes slowly began to improve. And to our delight, the girls do have some vision and are able to run and play just like any other kitten. They found their forever home together and are living the best life ever.

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