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Happy Tails - PK Success Stories

Congratulations to the thousands of animals that have been adopted into their forever homes! These pages consist of animals that have been adopted and their new families have sent us their "success story!" You can click on a photo to see it larger.

If you have adopted a pet from us, click here to email us with your story and pictures! The staff and volunteers love to hear how the animals are doing in their new home!


Our sweet boy Woody. We adopted him in September 2022. We could not have picked a better sweetheart then him. He loves to snuggle and play and is very voictrous when he wants to let us know he wants to play with us. Great addition to our family. We want to get him a buddy very soon so he can have a playmate.


Poor Fifi. Sorting the laundry tires her so much that sometimes she must take a nap on top of her blankets before they go in the washer. This calls for a big yawn! That’s our Fifi!


Amy and James adopted Sadie in 2018. They love her and take her everywhere.


I adopted Sarah, now named Peppermint, on April 27, 2022. She is the best bunny ever. She loves to hop around the kitchen every morning and play with her cardboard barn. Her pen is filled with toys and the cabin from her foster mom she loves that too. My 2 grandkids adore her and want to visit more now just to see the bunny. She even gets along with my old Shih Tzu, Snickers.


Foxy has been in here forever home for a little over 3 years. She is an absolute love, she has 2 younger Labrador Retriever brothers who she absolutely adores and mothers. She spends her days relaxing on the couch and chasing bees or anything that flies around the yard. She is completely off leash where she can enjoy running around her large unfenced yard.


I adopted LUCAS, he is my little rascal and he has changed my life. One of my favorite times is us cuddling in the morning. He loves to play ball and tug of war plus his puzzles... he is very smart and knows what he wants to do. I knew all his needs by his bark or body language and we bonded soon after I got him. He doesn't want to be separated from me so I take him everywhere. He goes in the grocery store with me and he's wonderful and he loves to go in the car.


As soon as Cassidy climbed into our laps at Peaceable Kingdom, we fell in love with her. Cassie is a major cuddle bug who enjoys snoring in her parents ears when taking naps! Her snores and snorts echo endearment and the knowledge that she is happy in her forever home. In between her daily naps on the couch, she plays with her toys, watches TV, and enjoys the many compliments she gets on walks. We love Cassidy, thank you Peaceable Kingdom!


We adopted Scottie (same name) in May of 2021. He is surely keeping everyone on their toes, and wouldn’t have it any other way. He truly is a love bug.


We are so happy to have Hailey (Bailey) in our Family. She is doing great enjoying all the love and treats!! She has become a fantastic camp dog. Going on all our camping adventures!! She has brought so much love into our lives. We have been really sad since the loss of our beloved fur babies Zoe, Coco, and Jack. We will always remember them but now we have some great memories to make with Hailey


This is Eeyore, who I adopted 3 years ago. The first 7 months were scary for him; he was aggressive and did not want to have anything to do with me. BUT, one day he just jumped into my lap and cuddled for over an hour. Now he is a Mama's Boy. He cuddles with me every morning. I loved him from the first time I met him; all he needed was that unconditional love and patience!


I'm not sure why Cricket was surrendered to begin with, but I am glad we had the chance to give him a new home. He is the most lovey, cuddly dog anyone could ask for. He knows all of the fun tricks, and he will spin for any treat. He loves to carry a tennis ball around the house and jump into my arms when I walk in the door. Thank you PK! introducing me to my best friend. I can’t imagine my life without him.


We adopted Winnie, almost a year ago. She has been such a joy to us. She loves her big brother Bear, most of the time lol. They play for hours on end with toys and balls or just wrestling which is their favorite. She's not too fond of swimming or getting her feet wet in the rain but she does love the snow, go figure. She enjoys getting dressed up, she has an outfit for every season. She loves to snuggle underneath the covers with us to be toasty warm. We want to thank peaceable kingdom!


My family adopted Yuki (formerly Polar Bear) in May 2020. After a lot of convincing I finally got my parents to agree to look at the Shiba’s that were brought in. We met a few but once we saw Yuki we knew he was the one. He started off as a shy, scared boy, but now is a very energetic handsome man. He knows how handsome he is and uses it against the whole family to get what he wants. He loves to go on runs and being chased. He is still a big baby at heart though!


Remember Erika? I adopted her back in February. She’s been an absolute joy and such a sweetheart. she’s loving her new home!

Happy Puppy

It has only been a few days, but our family is in love. I wanted to share some pictures. She already is pretty much potty trained and is sleeping in her crate. She is great with my cat and dog. She is so good! Thank you for choosing us!


Hello everyone! My husband Andrew and I adopted Linus (his name is now Barkley) on June 10th 2021. We are so very happy with all the joy he has brought to our family and can't imagine life without this little guy. He loves his monthly BarkBox subscription and his walks as well as playing with his cat brothers. Thank you so much!


These pups are the loves of my life that we adopted from peaceable kingdom. I can't picture life without them. Thank you for my babies!


Baxter, formerly S’mores, adopted us in September! It’s been true love ever since! Thanks so much!


I found Raylene at your shelter after she followed me all over the room. I picked her up and found that she was a tripod to my surprise. I held her for about ½ hour and put in the adoption paperwork as I had already fallen in LOVE with her. When I brought her home, she hid for almost 6 weeks. My Cilla tried her best to get her to come out of hiding, then one day she appeared and has totally come out of her shell since. She brings so much life back into my home and antics that I laugh every day.


I adopted Sarah, now named Peppermint, on April 27, 2022. She is the best bunny ever. She loves to hop around the kitchen every morning and play with her cardboard barn. Her pen is filled with toys and the cabin from her foster mom she loves that too. My 2 grandkids adore her and want to visit more now just to see the bunny. She even gets along with my old Shih Tzu, Snickers.


Foxy has been in her forever home for a little over 3 years. She is an absolute love, she has 2 younger Labrador Retriever brothers who she absolutely adores and mothers. She spends her days relaxing on the couch and chasing bees or anything that flies around the yard. She is completely off leash where she can enjoy running around her large unfenced yard.


It did not take us long to fall in love with Mochi, the most energetic, gentlest dog. Mochi lifted our spirits immediately. We cannot help but laugh at his antics and surprising moves. Everyone who meets Mochi loves him. He comes to church with us every Wednesday and is warmly greeted by the children. Adopting him is probably one of the best decisions we have ever made! And we all believe that Mochi thinks so, too.

Rex (Frisbee)

Rex is such a love.. we could not love him more. He is now 1 1/2 years old, hard to believe. He loves to go out to my patio and his favorite position is standing on his hind legs to look at something. He is such a nut. Keep up the great work all you do.


It has been a year since we adopted Bailey from your shelter. He was originally from Lititz and ended up in your shelter. He was twice adopted and twice returned. We have him in our family a year now and he is completely a joy. We love him and his 2 brothers and 1 sister have adopted him also. He is truly in his forever home. My only son was deployed last month for the Middle East. Bailey is a true lover and he is my go to for hugs. He was not meant to be with any family but ours.

Big Boss & Skye

Big Boss (formerly known as Addison) and Skye (formerly known as Tonto) enjoying their new home. Big Boss and Skye immediately made themselves at home, jumping on our laps, laying on us, and thriving for attention. They play together, sleep together, and enjoy waking me up early in the morning for breakfast. I'm so glad that these two beautiful girls came into our lives.


Thank you for my Mila formerly Meg she is amazing! I will recommend PK to everyone who is looking to rescue an animal. You guys are the best.


Stavi, the most Italian red head you'll ever meet! Stavi lives with a human mom, dad, and big sister, a St. BERNARD sister, a tortoise and helps to train Seeing Eye pups. Yup! He acclamates the puppies we raise and gets them used to being around and living with other cats like himself As you can see in the picture here has no problem telling them to stay out of "his" dog bed! He's such an amazing cat!


Eleanor is responsible for single-handedly befriending two feral cats (who are now domesticated). They love her and cuddle with her at night. She is the cat whisperer of the neighbourhood! Originally, even as a puppy, Eleanor had some strange behavioural issues with anxiety, fear, and lashing out at strangers. But she has worked really hard to overcome her fears, is much improved, and I am so proud! I'm so happy to have my girl, you have no idea, so thank you Peaceable Kingdom!


We adopted Clyde, a little over a month ago & it feels like he has been a part of our family for years. Our vet says he is thriving and there is no way he is 10! He gained a few pounds and he's running and jumping like a pup! He and his new brother, Otis, have become best friends. We take both boys every where with us and Clyde just loves it. He is so well behaved. We are so happy we adopted this "Old man" (as we call him) into our family.

Joey (formerly Sherlock)

I adopted little 3 year old Joey (formerly Sherlock) about a week ago on August 19, 2017. You would think he was part of the family for much longer! I have a younger one and a half old female beagle named Phoebe who enjoys dragging large sticks across the yard. Phoebe now has someone to help her with the hauling work. We all take many longs walks and go hiking together. I think he smiles when he sleeps, but the best moments are when we are all being silly together. I couldn’t be happier.

Buddy & Mia

It’s been almost 8 months since we’ve adopted Brody ( formally known as Buddy) and Mia, and we are all loving life! We’ve been all over PA and even visited NYC and LI! We love car rides! We might even take a trip across the US next summer! Life is good for our little blue-eyed doggies, and we love them dearly.


We adopted Alli from you on 3/23/2013. She is a wonderful cat and she is a great addition to our family!!! I'm so glad we came to PetSmart to look at all the cats!! She is our life and loves to watch the birds from the window sills. She is the best baby ever and we're glad to have her!! Thank you so much for allowing Alli to rescue us as we rescued her.


At the end of March 2015 we adopted Holly, a yellow Labrador retriever. I saw her picture featured on your facebook page and new immediately that this was my dog. She was well taken care of and had a good temperament. Now she is my shadow, she even comes to work with me every day. She is our office mascot. The adoption process was easy and the fee goes to a great organization.


I had adopted formally known as Liza now renamed to Maisey in June 2015. She has been such a great addition to our family. Her and my other cat love to play and chase each other around and when they get tired they love to cuddle and sleep near each other. Maisey is one wild little crazy girl but we love her with all our heart and wouldn't trade her in for the world. She sleeps next to me every night next to my pillow. Thank you for allowing me to adopt this beautiful baby girl!


Sam adopted September 2013. He completes our family!


About 9 years ago, my husband and I adopted a 1 year old black and white Shih Tzu from one of your adoption days at a pet store in Whitehall. We named CeeCee. She is one of the highlights of our days. She is a funny, silly girl who is stubborn and crabby when she feels like it and loves to run around our neighborhood when she can sneak out through our legs and go visiting our neighbors who all love her. She even had a job for several months at a pet supply store as the official greeter.


Charlie (tater tot) adopted in Sept 2013 as a kitten from a wonderful foster family. He is sassy, friendly and so so loved!


I am with the fact that I was able to adopt Rags who is now known as Tucker, into my family. I drove from CT to PA to adopt him and I could not be happier with my choice to adopt through Peaceable Kingdom. You made it such a wonderful process! Tucker is such a sweet and loving boy who deserved a forever home. He now lives with me and has a goldendoodle sister named Izzy. Thank you for all the work that you do.


I can't believe how well miss Clover has fit right into our family. Clover is now the queen of our house and thriving. She loves her millions of toys and cuddling/sleeping with us on the couch (we had originally planned on no couch that didn't last long!). Her personality matches us so well and we love her so much. A big thanks for all the work done by PK volunteers, fosters, donators, and everyone - thank you for bringing our best friend to us!!!


We adopted Ziggy in August 2015. I have never met a smarter dog. He learned sit, high 5 and play dead within days of getting him. Even though he has his wild puppy side he gets along great with the other dogs when we take him to the park. Thank you PK for allowing us to adopt this great pup!


Mister Barclay is the light of our lives. Adopted July 2014.

Paisley & Pablo

Paisley and Pablo (Sophia) are the best baby lions ever! Adopted them June 2014.


I never thought my heartbreak would mend after losing my beloved greyhound, Bob. After many months, I realized that Bob left so as to make room for another puppy that needed us. We adopted Cooper on 2/28/14. Thank you Peaceable Kingdom, for saving our baby for us! He is my heart!!


I had great success with Sassy (my baby) we adopted her from PK 3 years ago this past June. She was 13 weeks old at the time and her name back then was Ruby. My Sassy has up rooted a boring ordinary household and has made it forever fun and sometimes chaotic. She learned to love her big sister Cheeka (a 14 year old cat). She fell head of heals in love with my husband. Love her to pieces!!


Adopted Angela 2001, she was a heart healer for the whole family when we lost our beloved Amber. She is the best girl and she is treated like a Queen!


Our family adopted Cali in Sept 2014! She's my little lovey girl, loves to be the center fielder during our wiffle ball games and loves kids!! Best puppy love ever!!


About a year ago we adopted Bowser, a peke/shih tzu mix. He is such a ball of energy and LOVES toys. His best friend is our 80 pound husky mix, they sleep together, eat together, play together, even SWIM TOGETHER. Bowser loves to play and loves the pool, he’s always jumping in and out of it. Twice a week he gets to go to doggie daycare to see all of his other friends. We are so happy with adopting him, he is such a funny dog and gives us so much happiness!


Gosh!!! How do I even begin to put into words the little fluff of happiness that entered our lives a little over a year ago. We have loved every single minute since he came to his forever home. Thank you PK for Everything You Do!


Gaston a great fit in our household. My wife and I are simply loving the daylights out of him. He’s fitting in well with his brother Troy, who is an 8 year old cat. We can not thank you enough for all the love and care you gave him.

Jett (formerly Monk)

We adopted Jett (formerly Monk) at PK in 2010, after the loss of our beloved feline, Toonces. Jett has filled our life with joy and purpose ever since! He is a great companion, smart and very loving. He has made our life complete. Thank you PK for connecting us with Jett!


Charlie aka Spot has become quite the football fan. All is well here!!


Blackie adopted Oct, 26, 2013... Thank U Peaceable Kingdom... My new family is awesome!


Gracie came into our family in 2009. She is so loved. Thank you PK!


Jessie was adopted from PK and coincidentally a co worker was fostering her Joanne Murphy Endrick - she is 6 now!


We adopted Missy in 2013. We never imagined ourselves owning a small dog, we already had golden retriever at home. Missy has definitely won us over and has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We just love her!!

Luke & Tyke

I just wanted to update you regarding Luke and Tyke, the brothers we adopted on December 23rd. They have adjusted nicely into our household with the kids as well as the other animals. We are making progress daily. Luke has been renamed Nico, but Tyke has retained his name. Thank you!


Lightning 10 years young. Adopted Spring 2006. This photo was taken at Lockridge Park as a fundraiser for PK a few years back.


Mr. Baloo became a part of our family in February of this year. We love him so much!!!

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